periodization for multi-events...?

I would like to ask the forum for some help. I’ve got a firm grasp on sprint training and periodization. However, what about decathletes??? If one tries to incorporate a double periodization scheme (indoor - winter training facilities only and outdoor) then what events would be trained and how would you go about setting up the annual plan???

If some of the senior members and the most senior member (Charlie Francis) could give their expertise it would be greatly appreciated.


Is anybody out there…there…there…there… :frowning:

Try these to start…

Thank you for your time and efforts.


What about the heptathlon? Any advice that someone can give?

You need to look at the events.

Speed obviously plays an important role in 9 of the events (6 out 7 in Hep), so that is important. Technical events are high as well. Hurdles, all jumps and throws.

My Multi eventist come from either (generally) sprints or hurdles back ground so that should be there strength.

Some important events other than sprints and hurdles are probably high jump and throws. The High jump can be a high scoring event and throws in generally weak in alot of multi eventists. Out of the throws the Javelin is probably the hardest event to master. I am saying this as a hammer thrower.

There is no right way to do it. But don’t neglect the technical events if you can have a good non event specialist technique you will do better.

It hasn’t really answered your question but it is just some thoughts.