Peaking at what age for both genders

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I can be better. I can feel better,'' he said. I’mgetting older, I’m getting stronger and my body’sgetting more aware.
``Around 28 and 32 is when sprinters reach their peak.So peak time is coming now. I’m 28 now.’’

I guess this is our answer.

From Tim Montgomery

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I know Ottey ran sub 11.2 at 39 yrs of age and Linford ran sub 10.05 at 36 yrs of age. What about others like Carl Lewis who I think was 36 yrs old when he ran 9.92 back in '93 I believe.

Why don’t we see more older athletes posting sub 10.05 while over 33 yrs of age on the men’s side or women who have pass 31 running sub 11.10?

Why is that? Burn outs you think?

Any thoughts

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Gail Devers how did I forget her!

12.40 in the 100 m hurdles at 35 yrs old wow !!!, that’s at least 11.01 to 11.09 over 100 m I’m sure.

Go Gail!

Run More 100’s please! You can always double hahah

And there’s Regina Jacbos running 4:00 over 1500 m & 1:59 in the half. Now that’s amazing as all get out, remember that saying hahah.

:clap: to all ATHLETES who post Top 5 WORLD LEADING marks after passing 32 yrs of AGE DAMMMMM that’s special.

And Michell Collins in the 200m 22.2 and she’s 32, she was on pace to run 21.93 this year before she got injuried.

Muscles were not ready for that LOAD of speed. Maybe next year.

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Lets not forget jonathan edwards. 17.86m at 36.:o

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carl lewis was 31 when he ran 9.86 in tokyo in 91.

from what i read somewhere, he ran 9.96 going into the 1996 US olympic trials, then cramped up in the final and didnt make it.

lets not forget floyd heard.19.8 at 35 i think

32 I think.

Interesting that Patrick Johnson is just now hitting his straps 3 months off his 31st birthday. I bet he’ll still be around competing successfully for atleast another 4 or 5 years, maybe longer. Who said it’s all down hill for athletes over 30? Show me the references!!