pavel tsatouline's relax into stretch

Has anyone heard of or tried this style of stretching? I know Pavel has some unorthodx methods, but he also seems to have a pretty solid following. Does anyone have any input? Thanks all in advance.

I have Beyond Stretching which is supposed to be a combination of relax into stretch and some other book of his. I personally think its a bunch of suprememly overpriced crap. There are some good dynamic stretches in there, but if you started a thread on dynamic stretches or talked to some athletes you could probably get the info you need. The way he recommends doing them, without a warmup, and as your entire stretching routine is crazy and a recipe for disaster I think. I use some dynamic stuff pre-workout and microstretch for the rest and I think this is most sensible.
Again, I don’t have Relax into Stretch and that may be a little different.

Pavel moved to America quite some time ago and I think he is a great capitalist, he kind of implies this himself. Good luck to him, he sells well. He has a lot of old school ideas, that he is trying to bring back to the forefront. You know, “the secrets of training” / out of the vualts" type thingy. He hams up the inthusiasm pretty good but ok, you’ve got to look a little closer. There is ONE area where he’s inspired me though, and that’s his high intensity ideas. nothing particularly new, but I like high intensity! He also often recomends very short/low volume but frequant high intensity sessions and gives examples. I’ve often responded well to that type of training anyway. He can be found in some past T-mag issues on the net.

I’ve read some of his stuff and his claims and I can’t make up my mind at all on this guy.
One question I would like answered though is - can anyone tell me about his claims to have worked with the Spetnaz and other athletes?
Definitely a truly converted capitalist -
E.g. Why publish 6 books (3 alone on stretching) when you could put them all in 1?
Anyone else have comments?