Past Hamstring Injury - limiting exercises

About 8 months ago, I pulled my hamstring during a pickup game of basketball in PE. This pull was pretty severe, took about 2 months before I could run again (with a limp).

Ever since then, the bad hamstring (my right) has been limiting some of my “mix it up exercises”. I cant do lunges, split squats, Bulgarian split squats, one legged deadlifts, or some other one legged exercises. I can do each of these lifts for the top 1/4 of the lift, but if I do them so that my upperleg is parallel with the floor, it tightens up and I cant get up (i can but it is extremely awkward).

I really need help with this. Not only can it limit workouts, but I feel that it may be slowing my times down a little bit (even though I have no real problems with my right leg while sprinting - it is even my starting leg). Ideas? Thanks in advance.

Help? Does anyone atleast know of any sites that may have some information that would help? I’ve tried searching but I can’t find anything.

Strengthen it and get deep tissue massages. I pulled both a few years ago and I’m fine now

Blinky is right. Deep tissue massage can be very beneficial. You must have lots of scar tissue in there that hopefully can be moved out. Have you seen a DR.? what have you been doing to try to make it better?


Is it possible to give yourself a deep tissue massage? I dont think I can afford to pay someone.

It is best to have a professional do it. Where do you live? sometimes insurance will cover massages. Otherwise Self myofaicial release would be good ( foam roller )

I live in a small town (~700 people). No massage therapists… any around are probably half an hour away atleast. The local doctor is usually pretty busy and doesnt have too much help (traditional small town doctor), and going to wherever the nearest massage therapist is would be a major inconvenience (not to mention impossible since I cant drive and noone could take me on a “regular basis”).

I looked up “self myocaiscal (sp) release” and I was wondering if there is a good store that might have one of the foam rollers? The ones I found online have to be shipped from RI or AK…I will do that, but if there is one i can order more conveniently, I will do that.