Pain just below the Knee (jumpers Knee?)

I have a little-medium pain just below my knee that is very sensitive if i massage it with my finger… It is at the Bottom of my kneecap actually and is starting to reocurr during squating/lunges and plyos but not sprints. I believe this might be “jumper’s knee” which i experienced 3-4 years ago but im not sure. What is the best way to eliminate the pain? just ice?


I had a similar pain a few years back. I went to physio & he did some massage on my quads, frictions below the kneecap, and stretched my quads & hip flexors. I may have iced or used heat also, but its been a while since the injury. At the same time I stopped all lower body exercises (sprints, jumps, wts), and concentrated on upper body exercises and any other exercises that didnt hurt my knee. May have done some stationary bike. Within 2-3 weeks I was pretty much back to normal. Other than that see a professional in your area with some sports injury experience.


im starting to think this is growing pains again as it is in both knees right now all around the joints.

if it keeps up ill go to the doc for sure.

Can you send a picture of a knee on which you indicate where exactly you feel the pain? Also, how old are you?


i am 17 but am a late bloomer as the docter said i still have 3 inches at least left in me because my growth plates arent even close to being done closing. (and im 6’3 now) i have grown an inch in the past few months, maybe this the root of the problem, and my body will adjust to the harshness of growth eventually with time.

This rather looks like jumpers’ knee (patella tendinitis) to me, as growing pain (Osgood Schlatter disease) is tyically felt a little bit lower where the patella tendon attaches to the tibia.

It might still be related to a growth spurt in combination with your training, however.

In any case what you should do is rest the leg (i.e. avoid anything that produces pain) as well as ice and apply some anti-inflammatory cream such as Voltaren to the tender area three times a day.

You can also start stretching your quads and hamstrings if that doesn’t hurt, because if your problems are caused by a growth spurt they occur because the muscles and ligaments haven’t been growing as fast as the bones and are thus tight.

You can also use massage to help relax the quads but you should not use it over the area that is tender as this would only exacerbate the inflammation.

Also keep in mind that while you are still growing you should not do squats with heavy weights.

Hope that helps,

this is wierd because i was diagnosed with jumpers knee 4 years ago, can one develop it twice in a lifetime?

Dear TK2K,

Most definetely! In fact, you are much more likely to get almost any injury/overuse syndrome if you’ve already had it before.