Pain Behind the Knee

Hey Fellas. I’ve recently began experiencing pain behind my knee but I don’t know the name of this tendon. It’s a thick cable-like band located on the inside of my leg (viewed from behind) that seem to come out from the hamstrings and dissappear into the calf. If I’m sitting and try to flex my hams or if standing and trying to lift my lower leg (Like a standing leg curl) that’s when I feel it. BTW, my last sprint workout was tuesday and consisted of 10 x 10m; 4 x 20m of hill work. Short temp work was yesterday: 100+100+100; 200+100+100; 100+100+100

Any help identifying this tendon and tips on recovery will be greatly appriciated.

Get a massage therapist to work out and loosen up your calves for a number of sessions. They can also work on the hams a bit, but don’t try to ‘fix’ the tendon. Loosen up everything around it, and it should cease to be a problem.

thanks No. 2