pain and hypers

anyone ever have it when there tired, but still go on and go to the gym and do their workout but when ur squatting u seem to do less weight because ur tired and u dont squat the deep and the squats just dont feel “right” when u do em even though u might be doing em right ? like ur just fatigued…?

not to start another thread, someone told me if u keep ur back too straight ull get some strains in ur back while squatting, so he said to bend a bit forward at ur back when u start the squat…

and how come i did reverse hypers and both sides of my lower back are in pain, like the bones at each end. i think i went up to far when i came on the roman chair when doing the hypers?

please someone, if u have time please answer my questions.

thank you

dude… ok, for one, quit worrying about the squats. You need to ask someone you know who KNOWS what they are talking about and show you how to squat properly, because you are still paranoid about whatever… I dont know what it is… Maybe you should do the hypers without weight until your back can get through without being sore… Sounds like you need to strengthen your back, because every time you work out you get hurt… Ice up after if you really need it.

LOL! I dont think you should be working out at all. You seem to complain about your back every day! Every other day it seems there is a new post about your back tingling :smiley:

Have someone experienced watch your form. Haven’t you ever felt a burn or a pump from working out before? It sounds like you are being paranoid


my back is fine, i dont know what u guys are reading, im asking if uve ever felt real tired doing squats, read the first one please and the second paragraph i wrote about strained backs not about my strained back, and my back is sore only no aching or tinggling

Everyone has days where they are dragging through the workout. Depending on how severe, more experienced lifters should probably go home and rest, but IMO it’s too easy for beginners to “fall off the wagon” or stop working out. I’d suggest going light and doing an “active recovery” type workout