oxygen consumption/muscle endurance

Simple question will hypoxic training improve muscle endurance?

My “thing” is can performing hypoxic training in the form of maybe a powerbreath cross over to endurance if you haven’t put the “miles in the legs”?

The tried and tested “live high train low” is my base for this, I know that oxygen consumption will play a part in atp production more so a lower intensities but I train for 400m and I am in more need of speed training and this winter was hopeing on spending more time doing just that. Can hypoxic training without “formal exercise” give me enough endurance after I have worked on my speed and created a good speed reserve.

If anyone is interested I will be purchasing a powerbreath and using it to test this.
A training partner (a former uk busa champ took .6 off his 200m in one season , he claims the only thing he changed was that he included this in his winter training.

www.hypoxico.com (this has some info on the type of stuff I was thinking i.e. the mask)