overview of program....

I basically just wanted to get your guys thoughts on an overview of a basic week training wise.

7 AM -Low intesity cardio work (mon-sat)
ex. jump ropes, excercise bike, treadmill, etc.
combined w/ bodyweight excercises between sets

10 AM- Track work (mon-fri)
ie. sprints, tempo(tempo combined with push-ups and crunches)
both ending with med ball excercises

12 PM- Weight workout (mon-fri)

5 PM-Football practice (tues,wed,sat,sun)

I have been doing this for about a week now, it feels good. I think that my work capacity is fairly high. As for my weights its pretty much just maintnance, keeping the volume low. Also keeping the volume very low on sprints. Tempo also includes position specific work(running routes).

Please give me your input!

I see its great to be feeling good. But then you should start listening to your body after a couple of weeks or so. If it starts feeling a bit over. Then put down the volume. The worst thing that ever happens to me is loosing my self into overtraining without knowing. Then finding out too late!!