Most parts of the year I play basketball 7 days a week 3 to 4 hours a day

Aaaaallrighty then

good man,fair play to you

sorry I fdorgot to ask if I was overtraining

ok thought so :wink:
3-4 hours a day is much if you are going to do speed and weights at the same time.
If not, 3-4 hours basketball is OK

It’s impossible to tell unless we know what you are doing during those 3 - 4 hours. If most of it is spent practicing your foul shot, then you probably aren’t getting much training at all. More details are needed…

Do you feel overtrained?


I play pick up games
(l1 hour)

shoot jumpers
(1 hour
play one on one
30 minutes)

practice dribbling with my bad hand
30 minutes

Fool around on an 8 foot hoop