overhead squat

I’ve tried this exercsie with only bar and it’s great !
It hits your shoulder muscles but I can do it keeping my heels on the ground.
I was wondering :it’s possible do to this exercise without raised heel??

yes it is.

that seems impossible
is it a matter of flexibility??

It just takes time. Keep working on it. keep the reps low and lots of sets.

Isnt this called a snatch squat? Or maybe thats just what they call it where I lift. Anways, when I first started doing these I could barely do the bar because I wasnt flexible enough to keep my heels set and get all the way down to parallel. But after you work on it a little while you should be able to keep your heels on the ground and start adding some weight.

make sure the bar is staying overhead and not drifting back behind your head or out in front of your head.

try sitting on to a box as well to help master the movement, you can then work your way down to a lower box and eventually no box.

You have to learn to squat between your legs, not on them like an acorrdion.

What does “between the legs” mean? One of the true keys to squatting and the O lifts is this simple concept. I teach it this way: have the athlete stand arms length from a door knob. Grab the handle with both hands and get your chest “up.” Up? I have the athlete imagine being on a California beach when a swimsuit model walks by. Immediately, the athlete puffs up the chest which tightens the lower back and locks the whole upper body. The lats naturally spread a bit and the shoulders come back “a little.”
Continuing with the arms in the “hammer throwing” position, with the Muscle Beach chest, lean back away from the door. Now, lower yourself down. What people discover at this moment is a basic physiological fact: the legs are NOT stuck like stilts under the torso. Rather, the torso is slung between the legs. As you go down, leaning back with arms straight, you will discover one of the true keys of lifting: you squat “between your legs.” You do not fold and unfold like an accordion, you sink between your legs. Don’t just sit and read this: do it!

From this article by Dan John.

Overhead squats are great, I do them with a bar only as part of my pre weights warmup. Stick at them and be patient :smiley:


ok I’ll keep trying

Dan John is the man.

Overhead squats for sprinters? Who is training people these days?

Do we have guidelines on why, when, and how much?

Do a couple ass to grass reps w/ bodyweight, then come talk to me.