Outdoor short to long

This is only my second year on Charlies methods so I still trying to figure some stuff out.
I try to base my training on the short to long example that is included in the Vancouver and Edmonton-pdfs.
But how to transform the SE on it to the outdoor season? Last year (my first Charlie-year) I kept approx the same volumes or just above as on the indoor sessions by just switching to 80-150m instead of 60m and just lower number of numbers runs. For example a 3x3x60 became a 3x120m. Is this the right way?. Or should the total volume increase? If so approx how much? (with 2/3 (100/60=1,666…?)

Since the program is written for a 10s-sprinter how to adjust the revorey times for a 11s-sprinter?

How did last year go? I wouldn’t increase the total volume.

Last year actually was my best year since 2001 or something like that. And I was pretty consistent over the season. Until I got foodpoisoned that messed up the later part of the season big time :(. And when I had recovered from that I pulled a abdominal muscle in a longjump in team match.
So apart from the injury a very good first year I would say.:cool:

Any thoughts on the recovery-times?

in that case I would stay pretty close to what you did last year as too much change may not produce as good an outcome. Re rest periods they are individual and as the plan progresses get longer with FULL recovery, personally I work that to 1 minute per 10m but sometimes longer. Remember those templates are for an advanced sprinter.

The new SPP lecture could help here.
Bottom line- work backwards from the time you have to outdoor meets and create the length of the next SPP from there- sounds like you’re on the right track overall.


Is a GPP2 necessary or can one simply do an unload from the indoor period (1-2 weeks) and then ease into SPP2? Your SPP lecture seemed to indicate this is what happens, but in other materials you spoke of a GPP2. I imagine this depends on training age, goals, timeline, etc. but does this sound right?

no- not necessary- check out the SPP lecture from the store for a lot more detail about possible set-ups

I have the SPP lecture. I just wanted some clarification because none of the set-ups you had in the video utilized a GPP2 (explicitly), but you mentioned it in other materials. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss something. Thanks.

there was a discussion of the potential length of a second SPP which usually doesn’t leave much time or a GPP2. An example where one might occur would be when going from a northern indoor program to a short southern training camp, featuring a short week to 10 day grass GPP.

Great, thank you very much. I understood the discussion about the length of the SPP (and reasons for going with different lengths and periodizations) and just assumed what you said here. Thanks again.