Optimal Sprint Spikes

I know there was a bit of discussion on the old forum about how the Addidas “engineered” spikes had the potential to cause injury, however, as my current spikes are starting to show their age, I was wondering what everyone looks for in a pair of track spikes.

There seems to be two basic types.

  1. The minimalist lightweight spikes that have a short spike plate and are pretty flexible.
  2. The “power” spike that is usually a bit heavier, has a 3/4 or full rigid spike plate and is marketed to provide a better platform for the “power sprinter” to push off from.

Considering that I’m over 200# (all in my legs) and the fact that my start and acceleration are the best parts of my race, I guess I would be considered a “power sprinter.” However, I love how light and quick my feet feel when I am running barefoot (say for tempo runs on grass.) I think that the ultimate spike would be to have the spikes surgically implanted in my feet :o but I’m wondering if a more rigid and stiffer spike plate would help me to take better advantage of my strengths? Or, does a more flexible spike enable the foot to contribute more spring to the run?


not at a meet,i dont compete in track, but i will run timed sprints, so maybe your right-but i prefer flats to spikes- most likely ill be on asphalt track

Would you run a meet in those light running shoes?

question- if i train at maximum speeds for no more than 60m is it essential to train a pair of spikes/flats? i have a pair of lightweight running shoes(relatively new) and they seem to be ok

I think it’s important that the plate allow the big toe joint to move easily- otherwise stress is put on the achilles.

I have had the 2000 Mo Greene spikes i found them too heavy but they are very well made and i now use them in training.

I also have a pair of Nike Celars and they are excellent shoes with a great fit, almost like a sock.

I think it comes down to personal preference a lot of the time and whether weight of the shoe it an issue or not for you.

I hanve the Nike Zoom Celars, what are your guys opinions about these?

So a flexible plate is better. That’s interesting. I was just looking at a sprint spike on eastbay here’s the description:

Mizuno Men’s Geo Spark 2
Zippered shroud upper reduces drag and wind resistance, fit strap increases power through an enhanced fit. Graphite insert beneath first metatarsal provides increased power during toe-off, performance sprint plate provides traction and flexibility. Wt. 5.8 oz.

Seems like the graphite insert under the big toe would be a step in the wrong direction, no?


Zoom Superfly from 2000 mo greenes.
my favorite shoe! i just bought another pair form eatbay for 60$.
as far as performance, feel, weight, and look… there the best spike i have ever gotten.

Zoom Superfly from 2000 mo greenes.
my favorite shoe! i just bought another pair form eatbay for 60$.
as far as performance, feel, weight, and look… there the best spike i have ever gotten. and yes they are a power shoe with an inflexable spike plate however they only weight 6.3.

Has anyone tried the Nike Zoom Superfly from 2000 (the ones Mo Greene wore).
Do these spikes have an inflexible spike plate?

Speedster -
I’d considered the Cyberflash ( and of course the looks had nothing to do with it lol )
but how flexible is the plate - how do you find them in comparison to other spikes you’ve used ? and how adjustable are they ? ( they only appear to have two straps )
I have a very sensitive big toe joint ( old age lol ) so this is a major consideration 4 me .
I’d really appreciate any info ta

i wear Mizuno Tokyo’s (2000 model). theyre a gret spike that improved my style when i first started using them. one thing i have noticed tho, the spike plate is very thick along the outside of the foot.

doing anything more than a single race in them, the outside of my foot starts to ache like crazy where it feels like im moving on a ridge of plastic. dunno if its just my style, or the shoe, but i notice the latest geo sparks have the same spike plate.

the chrono dash has a thinner lighter spike plate, looks the business

I’m currently wearing the Cyberflash … an unreal spike … love em …

any thoughts on the zoom rivals?

DMA if you have the cash the new Asics Cyberflash is a very good spike and well made, its from Japan. You can buy them online at Stringer Sports in Melbourne for $179 AUD which is the cheapest i have seen them.


Speedster don’t really have the cash, but when I normally buy 3 pairs of throwing shoes in 2 years at $300 AUD a pop, $180 isn’t so bad.

Cheers will have a look at them.

Mizuno is Japanese…they have a couple of good choices.


There arnt too many spkies that dont allow the big toe to flex for an adult athlete. I think that if a spike is too flexible you can develop similar probs.

The japanese seem to be turning out the best spikes at the moment, solid but light. Adidas and nike are built for looks, not high volume sprint training.

What spikes are Japanese.

I think I will need a decent pair/s soon, current pair are 3 year asic cost $60 Australian. I have worn probably 8 times.