One months of pure acc

We have one month holyday so the weight room is closed, I will eplace it with plyos and cicuits :slight_smile: .

My question is that I lack speed so I’m thinking of doing this month only acc.
It will look like this:

My best 10m is 1.8 and my best 30 is 4.1, all standing start and hand timed.
I want to get my 30m down close to 3.8 so what do you think can I do it like this ,or should I do the maxv and endurance work But I dont have the proper speed???

Thank You Very Much.

i always like to develop acceleration first and then work on the top speed since both effect one another. if u cant get access to weights then the best way to develop ur acceleration is through plyos (mainly hudle bounds, worked for me) and explosive med ball work. once uve cracked 3.8s and hopefully better in the 30s u should start targeting 4.6s in your 40m and so on.

Thank you very much komy, I’ll do my best.

What kind of plyos do you plan on doing? What type of volume are you going to do each workout?

Well Actually I dont know much about training, I just read the journals and things from this site.
Anyways I was planning to do 10reps for each acc or more like 20 or like that.

For the plyos I will do :
Staircase Depth Jump
Long Jumps
Stair Jumps
Barrier Lateral Jumps
Box Lateral Jumps
Box Lateral Shuffle
Clap Push-up
Also running upstairs…