One Legged Squats

Is their a difference in one legged squats and regualr squats. I am talking about benefits. Will I gain less vert, speed, and explosiveness by doing one legged squats instead.
I want to do one legged squats so I can go heavy. I usually have to clean the barbell and use my arms to lift it over my head and onto my shoulders, then use my arms to take it off.

I would like to do one legged squats. Are the benefits any different?

As stability decreases inhibition to maximum force increases. for this reason, standard squats will promote greater increases in strength.

what if i am holding on to something for balance?

one legged squats will help in increasing hip mobility due to the positioning of the split legs.
We have started to do lunge walks with weights (and will stop very soon) this hits the legs so much :smiley: