One legged squats(without weight)

in the next 10 weeks i cant lift any weights so am watchin for some great body weight execises. That work the legs btw

grounded for the summer : (

Ya, fill us in so we can comment. Who advised you to do one legged squats?

Why what happened?

No one really i founded it at this site

IhI, you mean you can’t load the upper body ie. due to back injury etc. ???

Am not injuried

What do you mean grounded and why can’t you lift weights…personal choice???

yeah its a personal choice:sing:

One legged squats would be used to work the stabilisers. Used instead of normal squats they would handicap the development of the primary muscle groups, and therefore, reduce strength and power development for sprinting. Can’t see the importance of one legged squats for sprinting. Why not just do normal squats?

the only reason I could see for doing one legged squats is if one leg is injured and you want to keep the other one conditioned

that would lead to an imbalance.

One legged squats with bodyweight are a great AA phase exercise. They can be quite taxing too.

No worry about losing power. So long as you can sprint or jump you have no worries here.

Also single leg stiff legged deadlifts are a good option.

They help you to become reaquainted with correct firing sequence as its very hard to “cheat” in these exercises if you do them in a 3-2-2 type or longer type tempo.

whats AA phase?:afro:

AA “Anatomical Adaptation” aka Gpp “Genreral prep phase”

One legged squats are important at certain times during the year. Stabilization is important. Back to the specificty arguement, we run with one leg at a time not two.

Adaptation to what?

Would one legged squats help if you cant squat twice your body weight.

Surely the lower limb stabilisers are trained most effectively by sprinting. An exercise that may also help could be alternate leg bounding.

IhI, if you can’t squat twice your body weight I feel the best way to do this is to simply keep squating.

Any comments?

the reason i dont want to lift weights because i lifted weights for 10 weeks doing my school year and my squat went
from 160lb to 205 power clean from 125 to 160, and bench 140 to 160

my 40 yard dash didn’t change but
atfer that i ran track for the first time
and in only 6 weeks my 40 droped .2
of a second but on the last 20 yards of the 40.
btw my vertical was 26in’s before liftin weights and after it was 28in’s, but in 7 weeks of dept jumps and squat jumps
my vertical went to 32in’s

My point is i think i response better to plyomtrics then weights ; how can i train my muscles to be explosive with plyomtrics

This time do the weights or plyos during the same time period as the sprinting, not first a couple weeks of plyos or weights and then the sprinting.