One-Legged Plyos

Just wanted to clarify the definition that Charlie has for one-legged plyos and why they are a injury risk. Does he mean anything one legged such as one legged alternating bounding(eg. right, left, right, left). Or are one-legged plyos meant to be bounds only on one foot(right, right, right, right)? Anybody know?

No prob with LRLR or even LLRRLLRR but single leg hops over much distance becomes a risk

God has already answered, and I agree. I think that it all depends on the volume and intensity. If your doing long jumps on a single leg then LRLR would definitely be enough. If your trying to have the quickest foot movement with little distance between hops then LLLRRR imo would even be ok. You have to look at it subjectively for what your doing and examine the possibilities for injury and the factors for training that way in the first place and whether it is the most effective method.

What about SL Zig-Zag for 4-6reps and zig-zag bounds?
I know your opinion about SL depth jumps :rolleyes:
We did once SL medball throws behind head…

I would avoid the SL zig-zags.

Too dangerous for the ankle joint imo.

It doesn’t have to be 100% effort… I use zig-zag hops (small range) in warm-up!