Omega wave, I athlete, HRV questions

Contact Joel he may help you.

Yea I emailed them. I told him I was willing to pay for the app.

He probably won’t do that, the app is cheap ($1-5). lol You may have to pay 75-100 bucks.

ill do 75, but then I may as well buy the Iathlete stuff you posted

Next time don’t be cheap. I really like the training manual and web support/training forum with the bioforce product. You get what you pay for.

I talked to joel, he said bye a new unit. full price. Then the next day the ebay guy sent me the log in info for the site. the login and everything works. I have been using the BF unit for about two weeks now.

ONe thing I have notice is this is hit or miss. sometimes I can get a score in 1 try, others I have to retry over and over and over for damn near 40 minutes. IT is becoming very cumbersome.

Also, My polar watch is usually 10-20 points lower on the hr than the bioforce. I have the unit that works with android. Do you have these issues?

Are you able to do a firmware update? Take your pulse manually ro see which device is correct.

I stopped using Bioforce for this very reason (iOS version). The difficulty in getting a reading some days became too frustrating. I like Joel’s information but I’m not sure Bioforce has the same level of development behind it compared with other platforms.

A new version of ithlete has been released which includes subjective scores and a new interface.

I haven’t experience any of those issues. I am done within 3-4mins every morning, very easy-simple-fast my gf and I love the product. I have spoken to several professional coaches and they all agree that the product is simple/easy to use. Take your time and read the manual before using the product - don’t be in a rush.

Your unit must be fucked if it takes 40mins to get a reading!!!

I’ll send you a message later about your issues, next time don’t try to beat the system pay full price.

Follow the instructions and you shouldn’t have any problems. Ithlete is like comparing a Bmw to a Bentley. :cool:

lol, i only beat the system by a few bucks

I just tried to use it aagain, in the supine position like i always do. got to the countdown and boom 0 hrv. I try again and finanlly get the countdown, this time…the fuckin app crashes.

Your unit is fucked that’s why that asshole sold it.

I’ve had this issue come up twice for me. The first time, I had the same issues (taking 20min+ to get a reading) but I replaced the HRM battery and it worked fine again. When it happened again, I couldn’t figure out what was going wrong and stopped using it months ago. A week ago, I noticed the Ithlete released a new version and I’m having really quick/accurate readings now. It’s a much better format to read as well.

The Ithlete is simple, and my guy who has been using regularly has never had a single issue with it. He has missed one day of readings in the past 12 months. That’s the ultimate answer to whether the product is useful in my opinion. Since the recent Ithlete update, I really can’t see the point in going any further up the ladder. I haven’t tried the Bioforce, but again I don’t see the need with Ithlete’s recent impressive updates.

Yeah I tried replacing the battery to no avail. Ithlete is releasing a finger sensor as an alternative to the HRM. I’ll be switching to ithlete if I get a new phone.

Mine has started to work better lately. I have to tap my droid tablet to get it to work.