Omega wave, I athlete, HRV questions

Ive been noticing a few of our members here have been using this stuff. I have a few questions about it as ive been doing some research.

What are the benefits for sprinters. Ive read that they can tell you when your fatigued and when and how to train. Is this pretty accurate?

Ive looked at the Polar,iathlete, suunto, and omega wave stuff. Which ones do yall suggest? I also need something compatible with Windows. Most of the stuff ive seen has been ios and android only.

Thanks for any help

Purchase bioforce it comes with a great manual and easy to use. It helps if you have an iphone/ipod etc- I purchased a used ipod from ebay and it works great.

When I get the funds the next one will be

Nice, I was pondering how to get a android or ios device to use with this stuff. good look

I wouldn’t say this is a must have, if you have a couple extra dollars then great OR if you are a workout geek and like numbers etc.

yea im a tech geek so I like crap like this. ill read upon it and make a decision

did yall also get on of those polar or suunto watches?

Polar works well. But for the price, you might as well get the zephyr

You don’t need a watch just the strap, you can get the watch and strap for less then $50.

does the zephyr tell you your training readiness like the bioforce

I found a good deal on bioforce on ebay. Got everything plus a polar watch for 220.

Not really saving much - I would order directly from the site its only a couple bucks more. I think Joel is smarter then that, that transmitter will not work for multiple users.

Omegawave Personal is a good unit for measuring residual fatigue and readiness towards future anaerobic, as well as, aerobic work bouts. Assessments can also be reviewed online through standard computer systems (windows, Mac, etc).

Measurements are taken via rechargeable ECG device attached to an adjustable chest strap. However it requires real time connection to a server via Apple iOS device.

Hey guys,

I have been using the Ithlete for about a year and a half with one of my athletes. It’s very easy to use- in that time period he’s only missed one day of morning readings. We basically followed Charlie’s advice. He said, “Don’t listen to the device- do what you want to do, then go back and reflect on the results later.”

Basically, it takes a while to figure out what the data means. We got a lot of great information however. I’m going to share everything in his journal. I’ll have time over the holidays, so hopefully it’s useful to some.


Damn Damn Damn, I bought the bioforce unit from ebay. I got it because it came with everything including the strap and a polar watch. Little did I know, to use the app, you have to purchase from the bioforce site to gain access to it.

Is this thing a paper weight now, are there any other free apps I can use this with.

LOL, that’s what I told you days ago. The app is free but you have to go through Joel. Stop trying to beat the system. lol

Lmao Damn you, I had already bought that crap before you said something, Now im sitting here with a strap and a watch.