Olympic movements from the hang.

When doing olympic movements from the hang do you lower the bar and explode immediately or do you let the bar rest in the lower-position for a few seconds?
Is this dependant upon what you are trying to accomplish?


I advocate high hang snatch with a dip to develop reactive strength (and RFD). The SSC means loads frequently exceed those possible from the floor. For hang cleans and snatches from a low hang, I advocate a pause. I feel this is preferable because of the higher load (cleans) and longer moment arm (from the hip joint). Pausing ensures the body is in the correct posture for pulling and therefore makes the lift safer and more specific.

David, with respect to your statement that the influence of the SSC yields greater loads lifted from the hang than the floor. I have yet to observe an athlete snatch or clean a greater load from the hang than from the floor.
The only exception being athletes who perform the lifts soley from the hang, therefore, not having developed the motor pattern from the floor.
Could you elaborate on your statement.
James Smith

I find the same thing.

In this version of the snatch hang the bar is held in the creese of the thighs and is held there (slightly flex the arms and draw back the lats if necessary) during the ‘dip’ to minimise the load’s moment arm. Explosively flexing and extending the hips then initiates a powerful SSC in the hip extensors without causing significant bar drop.

I agree it is not overly specific to the full lift but I have used it, for various reasons, with many lifters/athletes and loads in most cases do exceed those possible from the floor.