Oly Lifting Platforms

i need a platform for this summer, and buying one really isn’t an option. has anyone built their own platform or seen specifications on how to build one? thanks


When I was in Bosnia a few years ago, I built an OL platform. I got the plan off of Fred Hatfield’s page.


It worked fine for at least the eight months my group used it (twenty soldiers).

Randy Strossen editor of MILO magazine has an excellent article in the June 2002, Vol. 10 No. 1 issue of MILO on building a lifting platform. Extremely functional and affordable. It will take a beating for many years.

i do have bumpers, and was thinking of just getting rubber mats, but if i want to do some work outside on the driveway, i need a platform. thanks for the info paul.

can you just but the rubber? Bumper plates?

I am new to this forum, but Ihave experience in lifting platforms.

Purchase four 4x8ft 3/4" plywood.

Put two lying down so that the joining space is running horizontal as you look down at them. Next put the other two on top of them so that the joining space is running vertical as you look down at them. Screw them together with 1 1/4 length screws. Put one in each corner then put one in each centre near the joining space. Strong as hell. Once they start to get a bit worn, just rotate them. You should be to use them for at least a year before complete renewal.