oklahoma sooners strength training

Does anyone have an idea to what type of system OU follows for its football program in regards to strength and speed training?

I don’t know about Oklahoma’s strength program, but here is the Maimi Hurricans football strength training program:


that isn’t their training program - there was a discussion on the forum about it a long time ago.

I’m not completely sure, but I remember hearing the strength portion is your basic cleans, squats, and presses.

Head strength coach is Jerry Schmidt. He was the head s and c coach at Florida under Spurrier and before that was at Ok. State and Notre Dame though I don’t remember the order. BFS(which can mean many different things) had an article on his program while at Florida about 6-7 years ago, right after UF won the title in 1996. This would be one place where you might find out about such a program though I don’t know if it has changed much since then.

As near as I can tell it’s your average strength program. Most everything in the weightroom revolves around what the footballers need. It’s based around squatting, cleans and pressing motions. There’s nothing earth-shattering about it.

Percentages on the central lifts are waved from session to session, I haven’t been able to piece together their macrocycle. Lifting is done three or four days a week, depending on time of year and sport.

On a given day a player would start with a “barbell complex” of power snatches, side lunges, OHP and OHS. Then he would move on to an explosive movement, usually cleans, which might be from the floor or the hang. Then the lifter would go on to squatting, then pressing, then single joint work. This is all based on what I could see during my own workouts, so it’s not iron-clad info.

I saw leg presses and glute-ham raises in the weightroom, but no one ever used the leg presses that I could see and the GHRs were mostly for warmup.

One thing I heard from some walk-ons was that the volume was much too high in the football program. One guy claimed to have lost upwards of ten pounds in the off-season, and gained weight on the in-season program.

Anyone have any info on the training program of the OU sprinters? DaBryan Blanton went from a 10.30 to a 10.07pb his freshman year.

The short distance sprinters do their track work entirely with their coach, Shanon Atkinson. Strength work is pretty basic, focused on multi-joint movements.

No specifics on DaBryan, he does the same workouts the rest of the short sprinters do as far as I can tell.