ok we know about abs so what about back??

everybody says they do five zillion abs a day so how many back exercises do you guys do a day. which ones?

i mean come on you can’t neglect the back…don’t want an imbalance right???

In most cases that I have witnessed, the lower back is almost always much stronger than the abs. With that said, my athletes do some lower back work but not at the volumes done with the abdominals.

i have never done any,

I stated a couple of times in the abs thread that there must be a balance. A sprinter doesn’t want a weak lower back. The only exercise that I do specifically for lower back is back hypers. You will get lower back work with squats and dead lift also. The volume can be low on the hypers.

yeah, i do some but not that much myself!!

reverse hypers are a great exercise. Problem is very few gyms have the apparatus.

I have also done them laying on the floor (stomach down). Raise your feet and shoulders at the same time and squeeze your lower back.

Deadlifts are a superb exercise for the entire back structure, what i would say is before you adopt heavy weight master the form of the exercise ( www.exrx.net)

The back shouldnt be neglected especially in sprinting, check out Maurice’s back his is thick/wide even a bodybuilder would be proud of it.


to create an imbalance between the lower back and abs would be very difficult.the abs are always the negleted part

4000 reverse hypers daily :mrt: twice a day on sundays

Much like the ratio between quads and hams the lower back is more often than not going to be significantly stronger than the abs. I think that’s okay and not something to be overly concerned about. I believe the problem arises when the back becomes too much stronger than the abs-and the hams are inflexible. How much I think it’s difficult to express
in concrete terms or ratios.

How about seated rows any thoughts. Good or bad exercise?

er actually - I’ll do 3 sets of 10 reverse hypers on an inclined bench on 1 tempo day a week
otherwise I let the normal squats / deads / good mornings take care of it


Originally posted by Timothy Lane
How about seated rows any thoughts. Good or bad exercise?

they are okay, works the lats and rear deltoids.

Try barbell rows or pull-ups/chins (with added weight) for a better back exercise, i.e. recruiting more of the backs muscle groups