Ok might have asked this before about my backside mechanics

They say when i run it looks like i’m doing buttkicks and if i shortened my motion or atleast made it look like i’m doing it right i’d move much faster so far i think the problem is my feet come up to high when they are behind my body i can feel them hitting my butt when i run how should i fix it?

anyone one at all, and if it helps in the recovery phase of my leg movement my foot is up higher than my butt so i know somethings wrong, also when i run they say i look like i’m struggling with my legs and they dont know how i move fast, if i fix this i know i’ll run 10’s

It sounds like you may not be getting any knee lift?
Try strengthening your flip flexors, or possibly some hurdle drills/mobility work that might help!

Try and think of stepping over the knee when you do tempo runs etc. Hopefully it may make it 2nd nature. Also what is your body position like? If you are leaning forward then your legs may be rotating behind you.

no my upper body is in a pretty good state with only a slight forward lean and i’ll try that on tempo runs thank you

hmm possibly but strength has never been an issues before so i’ll try but i haven’t lifted weights since track started but i think even if my knees raise higher my feet are still gonna be goin awkwardly

Before strengthening anything, stretch it first!

And don’t try and improve your technique during tempo; tempo is not for it! Just relax and run it!

Hope it helps!