Off weeks?

What should be done in the week(s) at the end of your season and you’re taking off a wk or 2 to recover. I am planning on taking 1-2 wks off and only doing some tempo work and maybe lifting some weights. Does this sound like a good plan?

do something besides track. I like to play racketball.
Do you mean in between indoor and outdoor or at the end of both seasons before GPP. I was refering to between indoor and outdoor.

end of both seasons before GPP.

id do nothing. just rest.

nothing at all for 1-2wks?

Yep - 1 - 2 weeks off totally.

In my 4 weeks off from Hammer training I took 2 weeks off totally, and started introducing training after that time.

In my weeks off I surfed or bushwalked or Yoga as my only physical activity.

Thanks for the replies guys! i don’t know if I’ll be able to handle 2 wks of nothing! :smiley:

I usually take 4 weeks off. This year i actually took 6. You body needs a rest. I still lifted though.

Prophet - Trust me, it sucks taking off a long time, but mentally it’s worth it. Just keep yourself busy by lifting or something, but at least 2-3 weeks w/o anything at all and then maybe 1-2 weeks of X-Training before you start training for track again. Works out quite nicely.


Cross Training. Anything you do other than training for sprints.

IE Bike riding

Does x-training include tempo? Thanks for all the quick replies people!

I would say no.

Recovery is not just physical it is mental. I wouldn’t say not to do them, just do something different.

Tempo is a way to train for sprints, so no.

Play football, ride a bike, shoot hoops, play soccer, just do anything and everything but train for sprints and stay active.

You can continue weightlifting because you need to maintain strength levels, but stay away from track-related things. Try something new…badminton is really fun and really keeps you going as well :smiley:

guys trust me to make the most of your break as the winter is very long and takes alot of determination and dedication to complete.get your mind off track.don’t go anywhere near your track or weights room for the 2weeks.relax and enjoy the time off and recharge yourself both mentally and physically!!!

My athletes just finished their break. they had 2 weeks of NOTHING. One got injured the week that I was going to finish their season off so I kept him going until he was back at a 100%, then gave him time off. I am going to utilize the good weather here while I can. Once the winter comes there will be plenty of time off due to flu and colds and Christmas dinner and travelling, so I am going to train through until the middle of December and then give them some more time off.

Good idea Herb.

For the 4 years previously I have learnt a new skill. These are

Rock Climbing
White Water Kayaking

Abseiling was the most fun :slight_smile:

What kind of rep/set/% scheme should be used when weightlifting during off-season? Are higher reps used like in gpp?


If I go to gym, I do pretty boy weights.

Pretty boy weights are single joint exercises. Arm Curls, Lateral Shoulder Raises etc…

Don’t plan, if it happens it happens

But for GPP, while its debatable, most agree on acccumulation weights: around 8-10.