Off Season Program

Just looking for thoughts on the start of an off season program? I’m looking for ideas for hypertrophy lifts etc. I’ll be getting a new coach but need to train by myself for about 4 weeks. I’ve had a slight hamstring niggle behind my left knee and will rest for 3 weeks before getting back into it. I’m looking for a very professional program. What exercises, what sets/reps? etc. Could someone outline a sample training week please.

O.K I have got together some info. And put together a program.
Age: 24 Height: 6’2" Weight: 96kg (211pds)
Training History: Trained for about 3 years on purely athletics. 10 years on my semi-pro career in another chosen sport.
P.B: 60m - 6.73, 100m - 10.57

Here is a weekly program that I have put together with the aim of preparing myself for my new coach.

Mon - Starts/Accellaration + Weights + Med Ball
Tues - Tempo
Wed - Speed Endurance + Weights
Thurs - Tempo + Ab Work
Fri - Starts + Plyo’s + Weights + Med Ball
Sat - Rest
Sun - Rest

Now with this being the first 4 weeks of the Hypertrophy phase I want to focus on building my legs up a little more. What weights are recommended in building up the quad/hamstring region?

I’ve broken my lifts into 3 areas:
CORE - Power Cleans, Squat, Bench
ASSIST - RDL, Incline Bench, Seated Row Chin Ups, Dips, Single Leg Hyperextension
SPECIAL - Leg Press, Leg Curl, Box Squats, Bent Over Row, Hammer Curls

NOTE: The Core exercises are the ones I like to include in ALL programs, Assist I use in most programs and Special I like to use once in a while as a shock to the system.

What sets/Reps should be used and what is the best way to cycle them?

Thanks again.



Looks like a solid program.

I wouldn’t waste any time on leg curls.

As far as sets and reps, generally, I would keep the reps below 6 and usually around 3 per set for 3 - 6 sets. However, if you really want a hypertrophy phase, then perhaps going up to 8 reps would be ok, but at 211lbs, I’m not sure you really want any more mass?!?


Geez, with stats like that why aren’t you playing rugby (you’re in Aussie, right?). You’re bigger than Doug Howlett and a lot faster too.