Noy squatting properly?

Whenever i do squats, its my hamstring that becomes sore, not my quads. Strange? =X

That is not strange at all. your hamstrings are getting just as much a workout as you quads. It is you hamstrings that bring you down in the squat, then your quads push you back up.

So that is a good thing that you feel it in you hamstrings. means you are probalably keeping your knees behind you toes.

It is you hamstrings that bring you down in the squat, then your quads push you back up.

Doesn’t gravity bring you down?

Your hamstrings act as hip extensors along with your glutes.

Likewise, Hamstrings are a combo Hip Extensor/ Knee Flexor, they are not capable of pulling anything closer to the ground in such a fashion. During the eccentric phase of a squat, the Quads and Hamstrings both undergo eccentric lengthening. During the concentric phase the same muscles are used, except now the fibers contract to shorten and overcome the weight. Here’s a general rule, the same muscles that lower the weight in a fixed movement are the same ones that raise it.

If you are feeling it in your hamstrings and glutes there is a good chance you are doing them correctly.

But my quads dont feel sore though, is that a sign that indicates im not working it out? The only time i can feeel soreness on my quad is when i do 1/2 squat.

Explain your squat/leg workouts. what are you doing? Reps?sets?

Just started squatting

Body Weight 150
Squat with 165lb

I squat 3x10 only

In most people(although it should not be) peoples quads are a lot stronger than there hamstrings, especially in younger athletes. That is not uncommon to feel sore in the hamstrings when you start to squat. like said ealier, it means that you are pobalably doing good form.

If you want to get your quads more start adding in step ups into your workout.

Instead of step-ups, would 1/2 squats be ok?

I would do step ups instead of half- sqauts. Take a bench and step up onto it with the same leg 10 times then switch legs. do 3x10 with a 60 sec rest. take dumbells and use them when you get better at it. Makesure that your heel is on th bench when you step up.

If you lean forward much as you rise, or you use a wide stance, or you sit back into the squat instead of down, or if you have knee problems then the hams will do a lot of the work. Most likely though your quads are used to being worked more through everyday activity and your hams aren’t…so even though the movement is a quad dominant movement you feel more soreness in the hams.

I don’t have a bench that i can step up to =[. Any suggestion?

Chair, steps, blocks. try to keep it around a foot high.

im just worried that it wont support all the weight and collapse…then my track career is over lol