now or later?????

I was wondering if running in the offseason, should be minimized so that I do not burn myself out in time for my competitions in jan-june.
Currently I this is my program:

Mon- Speed/Weights
Tue- Tempo
Wed- Speed(special endurance)/Weights
Thur- Tempo
Fri-Speed technique/Weights

Should I be doing all of this with 6 months left till i compete???
Should anything be changed to a lesser amount???

Please HELP!
Thanks everyone!

Can someone please help me out with this???
Ive been waiting for a while and nobody has responded…

If you train 3 weeks hard and 1 week easy and make sure that you listen to your body then you should be fine.
What distances are you doing on your speed days? 300m-400m is about average.

If you are performing flying 20s with a 30 meter acceleration do you count that as 20 meters or 50 meters in the total of 300-400 meters?

count it as 50 meters