(No)Weights for speed!

In the Weights for speed download Charlie discusses how the depletion pressups are useful in that they strengthen the organism whilst being on the other end of the force time curve to sprinting-plyos-olympic lifts-max strength squats, etc. Because of where they sit on the curve they do not compete with the CNS in the same way that for example plyos do with the sprinting.

Would this allow for a greater concentration of CNS ‘energies’ on the primary aim (the speed work) because the bodyweight general training strengthens the organism without draining the same CNS reserves as the case would be if the athlete did plyos’ OL or max strength work?

We know from previous threads that Allan Wells did alot of bodyweight circuits, plyos and sprinting but no weights, and the former British sprinter Kathy Cook who retired in 1986 at the age of of 26 had PB’s of 100 11.10; 200 22.10; 300 35.46 and 400 49.43 when she retired which would have made her increadibly competitive today, whilst also using bodyweight circuits, plyos and sprinting but no weights.

Indeed I also read a while ago (and I cant remember where for the time being) that Floyd Heard in his come back in 2000 whilst not using weights and just bodyweight exercises ran a lifetime best of 19.88 (-0.3) in the US Olympic Trials at 34 years of age and 13 years after his previous best in 1987 of 19.95 (+1.9).