No indoor season- help with planning SPP

Since I only have 1-2 60m meets in the winter, I can train all the way till’ April when the next season starts.
Thats about 24 weeks of SPP.

The basic structure that worked pretty well last year was:

Mon - accels, speed, plyos, weights
Wed - Accels, SE
Fri- Accels , speed, plyos, weights

But my understanding ends here… I did the same workout over like 4 months and no tempo at all etc…

Since i’m not track star yet(11.3), i’ll keep the questions and structure simple, I believe it’s best for me

1. Regarding intensity, just go 100%-100%-100%-80% with half volume and repeat to avoid OT ?

2. There are 2 speed sessions per week, what SHOULD be the difference between them ? weakness is relaxation and upright running form.

3. For weights, should I simply use periodization such as
week 1 : 5x5
week 2: 5x4
week 3: 5x3
week 4: 3x3 80% ?

4. When I say “Plyos” I mean hip hight hurdle hops and LJ’s, very little, probably just LJ, a few jumps just for technique… Anything wrong with that ?

Thanks for any replies ! I really want to get this right this time !

day 1: speed, acc/SE spilt 60’s
day 2: weights
day 3 tempo 800-1200
day 4: speed acc/speed
day 5 weights
day 6 tempo 1200-1500

weights keep them simple, 3-1-3 ms then maint



I would really like to follow High-Low though… and shove weights and speed the same day (now i actually have time to come back home after speed, eat, rest, and get back to the weightroom)

Can anyone answer the question in order :slight_smile: It took me a long time researching to prepare them:D

I don’t understand how you don’t count a day with accel and SE a speed day.

Where’s the GPP?

Working on that too, now :slight_smile:

To Davan: no real reason :slight_smile:

Since your PB is 11.3, theorically, you reach your top speed at 40m, so you can work use 40m as speed workout, anything longer is speed endurance.

alternative can be fast easy fast or esay fast easy format using 60m distances and longer rests than what you use for the 40m workouts.

5 sets are a lot, especially if you can’t train everyday (and you should not), so reduce the volume and find time to do tempo workouts.


Notes taken, thank you very much mister PJ !