newbie to sprinting

As the title says im fairly new to sprinting & just wondering if I could get a few opinions. I currently run 12.7-8 for the 100m & figured with my weightlifting & basketball background (bodyweight hang snatch & 37-38" two footed running jump) I would be able to run alot faster (maybe closer to 11.3-7). Is this unrealistic? I thought maybe the main problem is a do alot of gym work (I work in a gym which enables me to get 6-7 hours of weights in a week) majority of it consists of horizontal/vertical pushing & pulling & two leg dominant days (45 minutes each session) some times I do more than this. I doubt im overtraining as im making good progress but maybe this is taking away my ability to run faster (CNS fatique)? Sprinting wise I only run 1-2 x a week basing my workouts on db hammers ‘areg’ peak performance theory. Because of all the weights i’ve used a 2-3% drop off. Any help with amounts of volume for a beginner? days a week? I figured db’s would be a good place to start as I wouldnt accumilate too much fatigue too quickly & I can monitor it somewhat.

Any thoughts would be appreicated.

no reply because db hammer is a swear word on this website?

Blur,if you want to sprint faster firstly you must put the major first(sprinting) then the other stuff @.

the other reason why your post hasn’t been answered is because the search engine ont he site will answer many of your questions.


Yes you will improve, if you train consitantly and don’t get injured.

DB hammer has some interesting ideas (they have been discussed before on this site) but at the end of the day there is no one thing that will make you run fast, it is a combination of many training elements. There is no magic bullet . Olympic lifts, plyometrics, powerlifting, westside, renergade training etc are all (well some of them at least) useful in themselves but it is the combination that must be balanced for optimum success.

Your best bet is to buy the Charlie Francis Training System Ebook from the store and start from there.

Good luck,


thanks for the reply guys, im not looking for a ‘magic bullet’ i work hard I was just kinda suprised at running such a time when my tests of power were ok/quite good. I suppose its just a case of dropping the volume alot and putting sprinting first (as you said), i’ll search the engine anyway.

thanks again