Newb needs help

i was reading some of the articles at db hammers site and i was… O.O. I didn’t get a single thing. Being a newb, thats no surprise. BUt can someone explain to me his technique or is there an article for newb out there. I am really interested in his training methods…i just dont get it =[

what is db hammers website?

read the article by kelly bagget under the exclusives. thats your best starting point to understanding the system

Newb, I wouldn’t even bother with reading any of DB’s work. Why study under someone who has to purposely make things so damn confusing. Read all of Charlie’s stuff. He simplifies things down to their very essence and cuts out all the b.s. There’s no need to do all this ridiculous iso-ballistic neuro-reactive potentiating blah, blah, blah… Just base all your strength training around the following seven movements and watch your performance take off:

  1. Clean and jerk
  2. Snatch
  3. Squat
  4. Deadlift
  5. Bench press
  6. Military press
  7. rows

With all the possible variations of exercises from the above list, you can achieve any sporting goals you need. Throw in some sprints, medicine ball work, and a little plyos and you’re in business! Just my 2 cents.

I answered this in another thread, his training isnt different then anything, basically he tried to add a quick stretch in some of them and he uses different terms for isometric, concentric only, eccentric only, and overspeed eccentric lifts.

Wow thanks guys, i spent countless hours reading it and still dont understand it. But now i know. lol