New to the Board and would appreciate help. Come on in.

Hi EveryBody,

they say the first impression is the one that matters most, so I will do my best and debut with a fabulous newbie question. Here it goes.

2 weeks ago I decided to take up sprinting seriously, with the aim to start competing starting year 2005 in the 60, 100m and probably 200m. I haven’t any previous experience with sprinting altough I have been involved in football (6y), basketball (4y) and for the last 3 years in powerlifting combined with some minor running (2-4km) a couple times a week. I currently weigh 195lbs @ 6’, are pretty lean and am about to turn 20 this year. My flexibility is pretty bad, and regarding velocity I geuss it’s just OK.

My current strenght traning routine (3x/week):

GoodMornings 3x10
FrontSquat 5x5
Benchpress 4x8
PowerCleans 5x5

Bent Over Rows Rodd 5x10
Standing Military Press 3x8
alternated with Curls 3x8

  • Chins 1xmax
  • Dips 1xMAX

I plan to start traning with a local sprint club starting 2004 in Feb. What do you think would be the best thing for me to do until then?

I would greatly appreciate your expertise.

Tnx for a Great Board,
Best Regards
/Seki R.

Hi SekiR,

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Rupert and the team

I would strongly advice you to compete some already in your first year of training. It will take away the pressure to perform when you are eventually in peak form.

I agree very much with that. You seem to be having a whole lot of power, and no sprinting. Sprint some more dude!

Complete beginners (but with fitness experiance) sprint routine;

Warm up, 2 laps of the track OR 6 x 80m strides/relaxed.

A) Running A’s 2 x 20-30m. (technique drill. Find on the search function)
Followed by circuit;

  1. 30m sprint rest 3 mins.
  2. 60m sprint rest 6 mins
  3. 80m sprint rest 8 to 15 mins.

Repeat above circuit 2 to 3 times a session. 3 days per weak.

Do this for 4 weaks then change the routine.

Tnx Guys,

to the best of my ability I shall incorporate your suggestions.

/Seki R.