new to sprints

alright i am fairly new to sprinting and i want to improve my speed. i am in a pretty good shape being that i play sports regularily and i use to run long distance. heres my workout schedule, any critique appreaciated

monday- 8x100m sprint/jog interval
tuesday- weight training
wednesday- 4 mile run. weight training
thursday- 4 mile run. weight training
friday- 2x400m, 1x800m
saturday- off
sunday- off or easy 3 mile run

if all you plan to do is sprinting, IMO i think you should cut out the 4mile runs and do speed endruance, flying 30’s and 60’s, accels, maxV drills.You primarily want most of your muscle compsition to be fast-twitch fibres but by doing numerous 4 mile runs, you limit/restrict yourself from achieving your highest muscle ratio potential. On you your Friday routine, substitute your 800 for another two 400’s and then finish it off with 2x200m at race pace. I would advice that you keep your weight training to olympic lifts and variations of squats, lunges, step-ups and deadlifts. Incorporate core exercises and throw insome presses and rows(upper body) to fnish your workout.
Ex workout. 3x5 pause squats
3x6 cleans
3x8 deadlifts
3x10 dumbell press
2x6 snatches
3x8 Lat pulldowns
*concentrate on lowering slowly then pushing up/lifting explosively. Power is the key

where is the speed? Mon’s session isn’t speed, as the distance is most probably long for you and your recovery is short and not complete

you might want to do your weights on the same day as your track sessions -at least after some time, when track sessions will be more intense, so you can give more time for recovery

the ideal of some “distance” running is good for endurance issues and recovery, but instead of continuous runs, try 100-200 m intervals with short (30 s) recoveries between, at low-low intensity, on grass, if possible and of 1.5 to 2.5 km

if your speed is not at the highest level for you personally, i wouldn’t do the 400s, or at least as a speed development method; too long for proper mechanics; later on and if this is your event, yes, but not before some good speed is there

if this is used as special endurance, that’s a different issue altogether, so, any events in particular you are training for?

or just improve speed in general?

sorry if i missed this point!
hope these help!

  • Forget the distance running.
  • Move weight work to speed days.
    Use tempo runs in between speed days 100 and/or 200 meter repeats at about 60-75% effort on grass – 30 seconds to 1 minute recovery – total of about 2000 meters. This is recovery work and should be easy.
  • Add one day of acceleration work – sprints up to about 30 meters with at least 3 minutes recovery. Total about 200 to 300 meters.
  • Have another day of max velocity work as suggested, flying 30s, 60s. Total about 300 to 400 meters.
  • The other speed day could be special endurance 150s, 200s. Total 400 to 600 meters. Keep all the speedwork near max.
  • Take one or two days off per week.