New to sprinting- I need a little help on form.

Okay, so I am training for the 100m, and I have never had a set routine for sprinting, but I have been set up with one in the past couple weeks. What I started doing was:

sprints/ weights
sprints/ weights

That’s what the first two weeks look like, and I am on week 2. Now I think I have been running with improper form or something, because my left shin is starting to get aggitated. I know I run funny because that is what I have been told, but I am not exactly sure what is considered “good” form. Anyone wanna help me?


Training for Speed

GPP Essentials download

Fundamentals Part 1

Thanks, that doesn’t help that much though lol. I am broke from buying Christmas gifts. :smiley:


How did I know that would be the response :cool: :rolleyes:

Take this to the beginner sprint forum bc its very silly.


I thought this was the beginner sprint forum. It says, “new to training”. I am pretty new to the site, perhaps you could hold my hand and show me the way? LOL sorry guys, I will delete my post if need be.


my bad didnt check, but you really need to give us more details about you and ur training

I’ll get my running training in a word document just because it changes lol.

I am 5’8 185ish, I ran a 4.9 hand timed 40yd dash, My maxes on the big 3 are as follows:

Bench: 185
Squats: 250 (ATG)
Deadlifts: 300x2

I just started trying to get faster, and I wanna run the 100m. I lift 3 times a week, and to be basic, it goes like this:

Day 1: Bench/ Squat

Day 2: Deadlift

Day 3: Bench/ Squat

I am considering changing that up a little in terms of when I do what and at what frequency, etc. but that’s it basically. I train like a powerlifter more than anything else, and as such I do do speed work and a little bit of plyos sometimes. If you need any more info to help me out, I will gladly give it.


One of the best posts on this site. I think it is all compiled material from what Charlie wrote on the old site.

I would rep you, but it wouldn’t do anything. I figured out some stuff I was doing wrong. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


That is one of the best threads to ever appear on this site-IMHO.

TheOne did a great job of compiling many of CF’s technical points into one thread-there is an added post towards the end of the thread as well. Of course, CF himself made the points worthy of compiling in the first place.

That thread(along with Pete’s classics or similar name) should be “required reading” for all visiting this site with an interest in speed development/technique.

I’ll look around the site more lol. :slight_smile:


There’s a lot to see here from a lot of experienced people

yeah I get the feeling it’s gonna take a while lol.


But well worth it. It will probably take longer than mastering puppets :slight_smile:

You’re telling me… I have been here for over a year and I never, ever finish reading everything I want :frowning: I blame the following threads for this:

The Lactate Threshold Thread (The biggest culprit, and also incredibly useful for 400m runners. Very interesting)

And a summary done by Pindaman -

The Barry Ross thread - covers so many topics, vital reading. I would probably read this one first.

DB Hammer training Principles discussion (Haven’t really got round to reading this yet :frowning: However, many of the best posters contributed to this thread so well worth a look, if you know anything about DB Hammer’s methods)

Since you don’t have Charlie’s books yet, some threads on tempo…

(Assuming you are aquainted with Charlie’s training methods…)

There is so much more… but hopefully this will get you started :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: