New theroy for your vertical leap

i have a new thory and by the way im copyrighting it right now to be called reflex strength. ok now that thats out of the way here is what i think. U kno when doc hit ur knne with ruber thing thats ur miotic strech reflex activatiing knee to snap up . Same thing happens when u do plyos, now my throey is puttin 5lb weight on ankle then doing knee strike and reflex ahppens. This would litteraly strengthen the reflex it self thus making it react faster, and stronger to your bw and making it alot eaiser for you to get higher off the ground give me somet thoughts on what u think about it…

Possibly the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

man shut the hell up i asked you why on aim and u just say its stupid and give me no valid reason of why its not good

all you are talking about is a weighted plyometric movement. its not a new thing…and I wouldnt use them for reactive movements as the goal is to have the smallest coupling time as possible, I could only concieve adding weight to a plyometric if it were an altitude landing and the goal was only to absorb force.

I just thought that it was funny, how you come out and copy right this “theroy” and don’t even know how to spell “theroy”

no im talking about sitting in a chair and adding weight to ur leg and hitting ur knee and it snap up, i think it would strengthen the tendon it self but not sure but thats what i meant not weighted plyos

have u tried it? If not try it and tell us how it works, and if your knee actually “snaps up” w/the added weight

how would that aid in bettering a vert? Tendon strength and stiffness is best increased by exercises with a high eccentric component…ie depth jumps, altitude landing, accentuated eccentrics…so still i do not see how that would help with tendon strength or anything for that matter…plus its an unconcious reactions, you couldnt hit it yourself, your body would be prepared for it…again though I fail to see how this would remotely aid in any kind of athletic endevour…

o really o ok, just a thought

i think i am speaking for everyone when i say that it would be best for the forum if you went back to your “TNT” forum.

Brad don’t be dissing on TNT, his baord is Reactive Power not TNT.

Just wanna clear that up!

i guess so if u guys think im just like all those others im really not i enjoy learning and studying stuff and i ask questions here beacuse i kno there are very smart people here so i ll get the right answer my major will be exercise science and i like researching on things and if u think i should leave fine. And the stuff i post is from valuable sorces louie simmons, also some of polands track coaches so i guess if u dont want me here thats fine i understand.

i dont think its meant to say that ur stupid, I just believe that this exercise has absoloutley no benefit to your goals whatsoever. However if you feel that they will give you results by all means go for it, theres much better ways though, like the ones mentioned earlier.

You seem to focused on the stretch reflex, theres more to jumping than just that, its just a thought.

relax, we just want to know where this idea came from, and why you would think it would work. as well the program you gave to us earlier was verrrryyy high in volume, much higher than any thing i ever saw suggested by westside, but then again dave tate wrote it for u. Here is what I think the problem is. I think you try to get too complicated and too technical. Try keeping things more simple.

I think thats everyone in general, they overanalyze everything about a program and worry about new techniques and ideas in their training, where something like a swiss ball press would replace a regular bench. It happens more in kids but does happen in adults as well, we overanalyze to make the program perfect, rather than doing it. It makes me think that the best athletes just do a well designed program and its the average ones who overanalyze to make it perfect.

alight well with that program i sent u the 1st 2 phaes are my thing the other two are comerical things i saw that would be maybe good for a xplosive type part like the maiami but yea i just thought of that idea from when i read a book about the myotic strech reflex in the knee when doc hits it and i just got an idea thats all.

Creative thinking is the most painstaking and exuastive way of learning and developing as an athlete. You’ll make a lot of mistakes but you will eventually develope some brilliant methods. It’s a long process.
Copying convention is an alternative but still not allways the best idea, becuase you might not have the genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, money, travelling time and “juice” to copy some world class punks training regime. I personally cannot be arsed with westside, or german volume or Russian complex this or that and anyone who can handle those methods gets my respect for there staying power and boredom threshold.
Deffinately some of the best athletes have simple training programs that don’t have massive variety. Anyway, it’s great that you are not discouraged quickly and are determined though hopefully not stubborn. Peace.

Chop did that book explain the difference between the myotatic reflex (muscle spindle) and the golgi tendon? The spindle monitors the change in length of the muscle (excitatory in nature) while the other monitors the tension placed on the tendon and it is inhibitory in nature. The different types of training attack these two muscle reflexes eccentrics drop jumps or depth jumps. You be seem to be taking about muscle spindles but are refering to the strength of the tendon which is more golgi oriented. The idea of increasing the spindle reflexs afferent stimulus would increase its efferent action but in a seated position the stimulus on the rate of muscle fiber length change will remain the same and so should the efferent response.