New Shoe Company Thinks It Can Allow Humans To Run More Like Animals!

Ummm now this is an interesting idea…

Gravity: Friend or foe. - The Velocy Hypothesis

Velocy is a team of individuals dedicated to improving athletic performance and reducing risk of injuries through the development of technologically advanced footwear. Our research of the past 10 years has included the study of various animal species, and identifying the factors that allow them to accelerate rapidly and maintain efficiency over extended distances.

Through this research, Velocy has unlocked nature’s secret in harnessing the force of gravity that has aided these animals. We have named this effect of nature "FORWARD GRAVITY"™. FORWARD GRAVITY allows for moving the center of mass forward in the direction of movement and utilizes natural stabilizing systems such as wings, tails, limbs, and claws to counterbalance the amount of forward lean necessary to achieve optimal rates of speed and efficiency.

Humans do not have the means to counterbalance their center of mass. Hence as 100 meter sprinters leave the blocks they can only maintain a forward lean as they accelerate. At 65 -70 meters acceleration has ceased, and top end speed has been achieved; sprinters then attempt to maintain that speed to the finish line with muscular ability.

At Velocy we have developed, through a patent pending technology, the means that allows humans to maintain a forward lean in the direction of movement like our animal counterparts. Velocy’s technology improves body mechanics in relation to foot mechanics through a synchronized unit that allows humans to achieve greater power, balance and stability, enhancing performance and efficiency while reducing risk of injury.
Velocy Hypothesis

Conventional footwear technologies focus on the heel as the primary support and balance system. That’s why virtually every major running shoe company focuses on ‘cushioning’ and ‘shock absorption’. But what if heel technologies are not the answer? What if gravity is actually a friend and not a foe?

It has long been thought that running is primarily a function of leg, foot and muscular ability. At Velocy we also believe this to be true, but in re-examining gravitational forces in human locomotion, we have discovered that harnessed gravitational forces can play an intricate role in velocity, acceleration and harmony in movement. The result of all forces working in synchronicity leads to increased efficiency, higher performance levels, injury prevention and comfort. That’s why Velocy has developed a technology that enables the body’s center of mass to be rotated to a position ahead of vertical in the direction of travel in walking and running, and there-by allowing for maintained momentum with every stride.
Technology Explained

Forward Gravity™ Technology is engineered to assist in human locomotion by providing a support chassis at the forefoot that allows it to serve as the primary support and balance system during walking and running. Forward Gravity also reduces braking forces by shifting the emphasis of support from the heel to the forefoot. Thus relieving stress on the heel, ankle, knees, and the rest of the body. Forward Gravity enables an individual to harness the force of gravity by converting vertical forces into horizontal momentum. In other words, Velocy works with the force of gravity to create forward movement. Designed to deliver proper body mechanics, Forward Gravity results in a smooth, non-jarring stride that makes you feel energized and in full control of your core with every stride.
Velocy. Move with gravity™

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This TC guy has just joined to spam his shoe agenda on us!!

Lol, just kidding.

I love how the testimonials start "As a 59 year old grandmother of four…

Forward Gravity? How will this effect dynamic balance? Any thoughts?

i have to say im a lil skeptical bout this but id like to try them anyway. sounds…interesting. forward gravity doesnt sound very convincing. isnt that just like the spring mass model?

That was defenitely an interesting article. Why run to the finish line, when you can practically fall to the finish line! Do it now, with forward gravity!…They sure make those shoes look intense in the pictures though.


My understanding was that the forward lean was no longer required at top speed and in the sprint position being upright was ideal as this allowed the hips to clear fully. Why would you want a shoe that stopped that? :confused:

and i thought that dorso flexion was part of the key? one provides elastice response, and two, keeps the feet off the ground for a few more inches till the feet land under your center of gravity, having the shoe land toes down-would that not create the feet to land further ahead of center of gravity, thereby increase ground contact time, thereby slowing you down? So the shoes help you slow down?

Bold, that was my thinking. Surely the human after millions of years of evolution knows how to run. But if it works and you don’t snap your achilles tendon then i want to try it out!

Two questions.
1:Do you get a free set of Moye Blocks with them?
2:There are two legs missing in the photo on the right. Aren’t the other two legs important to the Cheetah’s propulsion?

Yes, and do the shoes come with a cheetah muscle fibre-type transplant? If the transplant is successful, you may find that after each workout, you end up licking all the body hair off of yourself.

I think you can get cheetah tendon transplants when the shoe is released for a nominal fee. Cheetah muscle fiber won’t be available till 2008.



looks like they just knocked off the adidas/East German design used by some sprinters at Seoul. FloJo used them. My guy found them uncomfortable, but then he was running 400m.

i dont need new shoes to run like an animal after 16 years of retirement and coaching i already run like a 3 legged dog.

Flo jo used the Adidas Accelerator model you refer to in Indianapolis for the record but used traditional shoes in Seoul. I think she switched brands but I might be mistaken on that.

she joined mizuno for soeul On the subject of shoes, check out these amazing claims from Masai…?? :smiley: !!

Is there anyone who would make a running shoe these days akin to what someone in the 80’s might have worn? I was using my Puma H-Streets for a short time…key word being short cause they don’t last that long.

all shoes are made witha glue that is MADE to start decomposing after about 3months. thats 3 months of active or inactive use. so the shoes companies are trying to screw us over but the puma h-streets are my shoe of choice.

This sounds a little too conspiracy-based. It wouldn’t surprise me, but without specifics, it seems a little far-fetched. I usually buy several pairs of training shoes at once (as shoe companies have a tendancy to dis-continue everything i like :slight_smile: ) and i haven’t had any trouble with this. (Especially the latter pairs). I usually get trail runners for training shoes, so they might hold up better.