New Product from

Just in time for now!

Instant download and what’s the run time?

What is the product?

So Excited! I must have them all eventually.

  • about 5-6 more.

10 in total.

Excellent work Ange :cool:

Payment has been accepted, waiting to download…

WOW! Thanks Ms Coon.:cool:

Just bought one, waiting to download.

Why I can’t play using windows media player?

Just downloaded and watch the adaptation video. So good! 30 min runtime. Jammed with information that will take me months to fully analyze. Well done! Look forward to more!

I have issues downloading it. Do you have software for the RAR file?

Same here.

Got it…

Hello, I downloaded the RAR software and am just hearing audio for the team sports file, is this download only audio? Charlie

It’s a video file. Check to make sure your codecs on your movie player (windows media, quicktime) are up to date.

Actually, it’s an archive file that holds the video file, and it needs it’s own software.
I have Windows 7 Ultimate and I can’t open this…

Is there software I can trust, I don’t have to buy, and won’t expire in 30 days?
I purchased 4 of these…this is frustrating, I think most who purchase these are going to have the same problems. This RAR file system I’m sure is not commonly used, first time I have come across it.

You are correct it’s an archive file.

Download: WinRAR x86 (32 bit) 4.00 beta 2

This program is only a “Trial”, so after 40 days, if I want to keep using the RAR contents, I will have to purchase it.

When I opened this file, I received an automatic “file insight” from my Norton systems that stated “less than 10 users in the Norton community have used this file”
I know, I know… I’m whining… but this just adds extra cost and frustration to something that should be easily downloaded.

NOOOO, extract your file and save it to desktop and you good to go forever.