Neuronal Activation Training

I am writing an article and need some leads to scientific articles/peer review materials for “Neuronal Activation Training”. I have not had any luck while searching a variety of different sports science databases. I wonder if any members might have any suggestions or practical application of this training method. I am also curious if there is a more common synonym for Neuronal Activation Training that I am not aware of.

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Go to and type in

neuronal activation: strength training

you will see a few related listings.


Neuronal Activation training is also known as Neuronal Activation Method (NAM) aka Max Strength training.

Check out Tudor Bompa’s book on strength training:

“Periodization Training for Sports” Human Kinetics

“Supertraining” By Mel Siff

An excellent article by Gunter Tidow “Muscular Adaptation induced by training and de-training- a review of biopsy studies”
NSA 10:2; 47-56, 1995

Do a search on Carmelo Bosco or Professor Schmidtbleicher. Both are superstars in the field of strength training research. Schmidtbleicher is known for his work on NAM training.

You can also do searches on Sports Discus ( a large database of sports articles. You can join for 1 day or 2 weeks or 1 month do your searches and order your articles each article costs approx $2 for photocopy.