neuromuscular adaptation

well, i am new here and i just happen t be researching something you guys might be able to help me with…of course we are main comp. right now and everything is at a high velocity in the weightroom right now…but my question is how is neuromuscular adaptation affected by high velocity/ light weight movements and lower velocity/ heavier weights…glad to be aboard…thanks.

where is the old thread

what if it was collegiate athletes who really haven’t trained properly?

as for beginners

check the old forum for this, good reading! I suggest you print a large thread like this out, stretch out on a couch, and read it from begining to end. High velocity lifts have little or no carryover to speed at the elite level. Moderate or intermediate athletes have some response, and begining athletes respond to anything including HIT!

clemson… what was the old thread entitled… im having trouble finding it


Do a search or just browse.

i did a search for neuromuscular adaptation ,couldnt find it… that is why i asked CLEMSON… maybee it is enitiled something else…:mrt:

do a search here - old forum