Nervous System Training and Hamstring Pulls

Charlie -
In reading some training articles by DB Hammer he talks about the rate of force development and release. He used an example of coaches doing strength work with a long tension time when the activity they are training for requires a quick rise followed by relaxation of the muscle. He related this to hamstring pulls and that most strength work for the hamstrings is longer and slower compared with running and that is when most hamstring strains occur. He advocates doing doing no strength work (at least none initiated by the CNS) as it will train the CNS to contract and hold when it should be relaxing. I understand what he is getting at, but do you think our bodies are that simple that we cannot train strength and tension with relaxation qualities together, and have our bodies know when each quality is applicable? Also, do you think this is a valid reason to explain hamstring pulls or are there other contributing factors?

I believe our bodies can recognize the difference; if, you follow a CFTS program. If you don’t allow your body full recovery from a hamstring strength exercise, then you are at a exponentially greater risk of a hamstring pull. I.e. if worked your hamstrings on Tue but sprinted on Wed, expect a hamstring pull! If you worked sprinting and your hamstrings on Mon then on Wed you should be fine! Also, this is where PNF comes in. If you relengthen the muscle tissue after each strength workout or a tempo day then you should be fine for the following sprint day!