Need some help

1.How do I react to the gun quicker?

2.Whats the right way to run a curve?

3.My first 30m doesn’t my steps dont have very much power behind them what should I cue to change this?

Those are the first few. I run everything under the 400

1)what has helped me is to concentrate on driving out on the B of the BANG!, i like to practice with different noises, like a clap, or have someone drop a ball to start me. This, to me, has helped make the process more natural.
2)I believe Charlie has said to run a curve, you lean into it, focus your eyes 3 metres ahead of you on the left line.
3)Regarding the power of the starts out to 30m, concentrate on an exagerrated arm drive. i dont know what it could be. Maybe its a strength issue? I always like to do a couple of starts(maybe 3 or 4) out to 10 or 15 yards on tempo days, because they dont take much out of you. That’s helped me. Maybe that would help for you