Need help with current workout schedule

This schedual may not be ideal but it is the best I can do with the restraints that I have.

Track workout
Max Effort Upper body w/ Ab work

Track workout
Plyometric Lower Body work

Track workout
Repetition Upper body

Track Meet or Track Workout
In the absence of a meet, I do plyometric Upper body work w/ Ab work

Track Workout
Max Effort Lower Body w/ Ab work

Tempo runs or 40 yard dash day or Flying sprints

Sunday: off

Is it smart to do plyometric work after a track session?
How many plyometric exercises should I use?
Are there any Upper body plyometrics that you guys know of?
Would it be smart to do Plyometrics in a circuit fashion but with optimal rest in between as single reps?
Usually the abs are used as an isometric contraction so should I only train my mid-section isometrically for an athletic purpose?

(so far this is what I have come up with to best prepare me for the combines)

LB plyo’s:
Broad Jumps- until quality of jump starts deteriorating
Stair hops-until quality of jump starts deteriorating
Depth Jumps- until quality of jump starts deteriorating

UB plyo’s:
Medicine ball chest past to wall-3 x 5
Clap Push-ups- 2 x 5
Reactive Bench Press- 2 x 3

I suppose more info is needed for anyone to make any comments.

Age, your actual event/distance, training phase you are in, what the track and weight sessions involve and targets.

I suppose, as only a few comments, I would try and avoid plyos after a 95% track session, I wouldn’t run so many track sessions and I would do more tempo work -on grass, if possible.

With the info provided, I hope this is of some help!

I am 16 years old
I am running track for my school 5 days a week so that is what I mean by track workout really is track practice.
Our track week usually consists of flying sprints and tempo runs @ 150m.
We are in compition phase as we do have meets.
I am using track to aid in my combine training which I am going to have May 14th and May 16th.
The events that I am training for are the Bench Press test, Standing Long jump, 40 yard dash, Vertical leap, 20 yard shuttle.
Ideally I am going to do Plyo stuff on days that aren’t Max Velocity.

My weight sessions are this:

Session A: ME UB
A. Bench Press or Floor Press or JM Press or C.G Bench Press: (increase 5-10 lbs every week until sub 3 reps then switch exercise)
B. Bent over row: 4x10-15
C. Bent-over dumbbell rear delt flies or Upright row: 2-3x12-15

Session B: REP UB
A. Bench Press or Dips: 3 sets of max reps w/ 60 secs of rest in between
B. Elbows-out extensions or JM Presses or SkullCrushers: 3x8-10
C. Lat Pull-down or Chin-ups or pull-ups: 5x6-8
D. Shrugs or Lateral Raises or Shoulder Press: 3x10-15
E. Bicep work: 3x8-10

Session C: ME LB (5-6 sets)
A. Deadlift: 3-6 reps or Split-Squat or GHR’s: 5-15 reps
B. Power Clean: 2-5 reps or Broad Jump: 3-5 reps
C. Reactive Squats: (15%-50% of max) 5-10 reps

Open to any comments

bump^ please respond

How much do you weigh? What is your height? What are your P.R.'s in the BJ, VJ, 40, etc. What position do you play?

I am 6’2" 235 lbs. (currently eating clean to lean out a little), I am a 15% BF. My PR in the BJ is about high 8’ (probably 9’ now), VJ is about ~28.5 2 weeks ago, 40 yard dash time PR is a 4.96 (I hope I can run faster then that now), My Squats and Deadlifts are in the mid 400 range, my Bench Press is about 275 right now, last year I ran the shuttle run in 4.5 but now I can definantly do much better then that because I have watched the Joe Defranco Combine video and now know what to do. I play DE and TE now but I want a chance at MLB in college though.

To be honest you are young, but from the looks of it you have been blessed with size. Your body will be getting bigger and faster. The wort thing you can do is rush it. Man you still have alot of growing to do. Right now just work on Specific skills in what ever sport you are in. Continue to workout because your time will come.

I can see that as being somewhat true as this Saturday I will be turning 17. College coaches are really looking at this time of year from May- to next Febuary to see who is fit for there team and by having an impressive show at the combines and camps it might increase my stock so I am trying to do as much as I can to help myself.

If the MA means Mass. then you should contact CLEMSON. I think he is in your neck of the woods. He is very good. Maybe someone can connect him to you. We are three weeks away from spring ball. Make sure you can use your hands if you are at TE or DE.

ur weights would work so much better if u could do the lower me on a wed…

dunno just watch u are not overdoing things… u seem to be very tired form it all form ur journal on

If I did ME lower on wed. I wouldn’t be able to recover in time for the meet but I think If I put it in on monday and ME bench on Friday it could work, so Im switching it.

Yea man today was pathetic, I have never felt so useless. During my meet today during the 100m, my legs were shot during the first 40m of the race, my quads were burning and my hamstrings were screaming causing me to run a 13.0 which is pathetic, I probably need some rest.