Need help increasing my push up max

Hey Clemson, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on, and methods of doing GPP, any chance of you writing an article about this on your site or expanding on it more here? I’d love to see some of your protocols and programs.



The timing is just so! My article “boy to beast” will be up soon and my other article prep school will be up a week or two later…talk about transformation!

Well I must say that Depletion work does rock. I have been using some weights on my back to give some resistance when doing Depletion push ups and I have already seen some improvements in my push ups, in the small time I have been using it. Thanks all for your advice.

When and what is the best day to do the depletion push ups?
How often can this been done, per week?

In a setup of:

It can be done on Thursday. In GPP it, or variations that eventually lead to pushup failure, as much as you can fenagle it.