need help fast back to back days of hill sprint

i temporarily can’t find my gpp dvd. I’m going to work out in like and hour and a half. Am I correct in remebering you do back to back days of hill sprints and weights?thanks

LOL Don’t panic.

I dont have the dvd but if i remember from reading about it:

Day1: hills, upper weights
Day 2: med ball throws, lower weights

I do not think so but I am not sure, the video says MWF you can do hill sprints then weights after…I cannot find where it says back to back days of hill work??? I’ll see if I can find it !

Schinig is right it says for example MWF hill sprint with upper weight following then on the other days lift lower!

Please review this again carefully!

Actually, there are three scenarios to provide maximum flexibility to deal with the relationship between the primary (eventually speed) day and the secondary (eventually tempo) day , starting with:
Hill sprints and upper weights, next day lower weights at the begining of the phase because the intensity of the primary day (hill sprints) is not yet very high.
As the intensity of the primary sessions increases, the lifting order must switch to Lower on the primary day and upper on the following day.
Eventually, the intensity on the primary day rises to the point where all lifts musts be restricted to the primary day to allow sufficient time for recovery.

Bottom line: As primary intensity rises, secondary intensity must drop.

got cha thanks for the heads up CF!!!

why not just lift on m-w-f through the whole phase and with circuits on t-th-sat, because i think that would allow for better running workout on mwf…??