Need help designing a training program

Hi all, as some of you know I just started sprinting 2 months ago and already dropped a good amount of time from my 100m.

I have nothing to compete in from now until… probably march april. I am currently weighing about 67kg at 1.72, I can squat to parallel 140kgs for 6-8 reps, and can bench press about 75kgs for 6 reps. My last 100mt was 11.3something about 3 weeks ago.

I need a training program that will beast me up both weight-wise as well as speed wise. For my diet, I’m getting help from the nutritionists from the Faculty of medicine from my Uni, and I have a track coach, but I feel he doesn’t have all the tech know how you guys have here.

Can you help me with a program to work with from now until mid march.

Thanks, Alex