Need advice on replacement spike length

Hi Guys,

I have to get replacement spikes for my teen daughter(14). She has been training seriously in sprinting over a year now. She currently has addidas meteors and she mainly runs on a mondo track (rubberized) however sometimes on a type of old ashphalt tracks.
I have heard 2 different points of views. Longer length more grip but tends to stick a little when coming out of track. I was thinking either 5 or 7 mm. For her situation what length of replacement spikes would you suggest
for her to get best results.


Typically, the harder the surface, the shorter the spike. Much of this is personal preference, trial and error, though. At most meets, you get a spike length requirement or recommendation. If you don’t, I would see what works best. In most cases, a little too short is better than a little too long, provided there’s no slippage. Just take along multiple sizes and use what’s best. If you have multiple pairs of shoes, have them ready with the different sizes already in.

Usually 5mm for asphalt type tracks and 7mm for Chevron/Mondo/Tartan type tracks

Thanks for the responses .I would gather I would be better off getting needles spikes rather than pyramid. Is that correct?

You ask tough questions. Most places I have been in recent years do not allow needles and require pyramids to avoid tearing up the surface. Again, I think you have to see what the restrictions are at each venue.