My Workout Plan-Need HELP

I need some help with my workout plan. I am currently in GPP and i need help with my weekly schedule. I will start competing in Winter Track in January, not sure of the exact date. For lower body work i want to focus around squat, cleans, and the deadlift. I mainly need help with the weights part but help with everything will be great.
Here it is:
Monday- Warmup, 250m strides, 430m relaxed starts, 4 to 8 30m fast starts(standing) 2 to 4 60m fast, bounding(not sure exactly what), jog down, stretch
Tuesday- Warmup, tempo work
1st set 100+100+100
2nd set 100+200+100
3rd set 100+100+100, jog down, stretch
will increase over time

Wednesday- warmup, 250 strides, 24 relaxed starts, 2-4 fast starts over 30m, jog down, stretch

Thursday- warmup repeate tuesday, Weights?

Friday- warmup, 250m strides, 2to4 relaxed starts, 6 to 8 30m fast starts, 260m(laying or standing) 4*60 meters smooth, jog down, stretch

I want to know how many days a week i should lift, i want to bench three days a week(two hard one easy) i also want to clean,dead,squat-should i do them in the say day or spread them out over a couple days?