My track program

Week 1 : Tue&Wed -400m pick ups by 3, 8mins rest, 400m pick ups by 3.
Pick ups = sprint the straight, jog the bend

Week 2: Tue&Wed - 400m pick up by 4, 8mins rest, 400m pick ups by 4.

Week 3: 150m build ups by 10 with 2mins rest between sprints.
Build up = first 50m go ½ speed, second 50m go ¾ speed. Last 50m go full speed.

Week 4: 150m build ups by 10. - 90s rest between sprints.

Week 5: 300m sprint. First 50m all out, relax, pick up pace for last 100m.

Week 6: 150m build ups by 5 with 90s rest,
Rest 8mins then 300m sprints by 2 with 5min rest in between sprints.

I have written this program aiming to help my endurance as it is poor. Should I include any shorter stuff? Should I include any block work at this stage considering the fact that my starts are poor in competition.


Hy Hassan,
i don´t understand only one thing;
why two days following ( Tue&Wed ) with the same workout ?
Why don´t you split this, like
tue&thu or mon&wed ?
It´s a problem of time or timeless ?

Ross, my mistake. I try and do 101 things at once. It was meant to be Tue and Thur with my weight training on Mon, Wed, Fri. Saturday and Sunday - rest.

Ok Hassan, i don´t know how long do you run or if you are a 100m/200m sprinter, but if yes,
i´m thinking, theres a lot of weight in your program, like me when i was a weight fan before start my sprint program,
4 days a week in weight training will overwork your capability to run with efficiency, what about cut down 1or2 days of weight workout ?
and why don´t you reduce the distances ( 400m? ) and change this distance for some speed in this reps
the rest times is ok to 400m ( 8min ) but only 2min to 150m ?
try and do 99 things, you have to agree that 9.9 is better than 10.1 right ?
Let´s remind “More is less”

Hi Ross,

The reason why I have 3 days of weight training in my program for the next three months is because I lack power and thus my starts suffer. Most of the weight work is geared towards increasing my power by doing oly lifts, low reps, high sets.

The 400m - I am not sprinting the 400m, I am only sprinting the straights. This will only be done for two weeks. I also need to reduce bodyfat. At the moment I am 12.5 stones at 5foot9 with 14% bodyfat.

My endurance is also bad and I need to lay a foundation because I may run the 200m next year.

The 2min recovery to 150m is because the 150’s are not flat out. I am working on technique as well as top end speed.

I am trying to figure out where to place my block as I need to start early since it needs a lot of work. Any suggestions?

Saturday and Sunday are rest days. In total I am training 5 days a week.