My quest for 6.7

Amazing workout tonight. I’m really liking the 2 speed days vs 3 set up. My CNS was through the roof tonight.

6x20m blocks (felt great)
5xflying 40m from 40m gradual build up

10x overhead shot toss (hit a 15m without a toe board indoors this time)

4x5 hurdle hops

6x2 cleans (big pb on my last set, got 225lbs for 3 with decent form)

Tough day today:

warm up
3x20m accels

Died so hard at the end of my last 250, dont even want to know how slow I ran it in.

3x10 squats (pushed up to 245 this week)
3x12 weighted hip thrusts
3x10 hip abduction
3x8 bench press

Tempo 2x5x100m with 50m walks in between
Hurdle flexibility

8x20m accels from blocks contrasted with isorobic ( Felt great, although my groin has been tweaked a little bit, my rear block push off is exactly where I’d like it to be now)


10xOverhead shot throw (3 @ 15.45m, all pb’s)

6x5 hurdle hops (@24")

3x5 squats @315lbs (had nothing left to give on the squats so called it off there)

Overall all, these sessions have been great. Speed feels easy, throws are improving every week, and my hurdle hops are getting faster ground contacts.

Another great workout:Upped the volume slightly for week 3 of this cycle

8x20m contrasted with isorobic (upped the resistance by 1)
5x flying 40m from a 40m run in

15xoverhead shot throw (8 over 16m, new pb of 16.17m)

8x5 hurdle hops @ 24"

6x2 cleans (185,205,225,225,225,225)

Sunny day couldnt ask for much more. Massive pb in the shot toss, almost a full meter without a toe board vs my 15.45m with a toe board. Its coming along nicely. I’m using the shot toss as a measure of CNS freshness, and so far the results have been outstanding. I’m hoping my speed is improving along with the throws. Only time will tell. If my shot throws keep coming along I may have to try out shot put for a competition or two.

You guys hate tempo, even CF has said several times how important tempo is - you need more then 2x5x100 that’s pre-gpp volume.

Yeah i do hate tempo. Actually I find it boring more then anything.

I understand your pain, I found longer reps to be easier. Instead of doing 20x100’s you could do 6x200 or 4x300 at a slightly faster pace. Also when doing 100’s you need to do 15-20 straight reps to get the tempo effect.

I’ll give it a shot. My buddy does 300’s and I was going to jump in to see how that felt.

Does wonders for increasing your strength.

Maybe your stamina…your toughness, work capacity or whatever…but the “strength” a la Hart is a misnomer.

If you say so…

Ok man…ask Charlie or Pfaff, they’d agree with you for sure.

I don’t care what you call it, the method works more then pure S2L. There are many coaches/athletes on this forum following a pure S2L and there athletes suck ,mainly because they don’t have Charlie skills.

No one questions the success…just the terms… strength is max lift,throws, max acceleration…
Works more?depend on the athlete…I had one athlete who digged himself into a hole using L to S, repeat 300 and so, and got very fast, constant and motivated ina s to l…others do the opposite…Individualization is the key…
On average, the faster the athlete, the better he responds to StL…just my experience with my athletes and the many coaches I personally know or I’m in contact with.
If I should marry a philosophy I’d say a concurrent one, but again sometimes is just a matter of giving a meaning to a word.
Typical italian training ( see my thread of some years ago), can hardly be classified Lto S, and not for sure StoL…however, it is something I no longer use, and despite national federation pressure, half of the ideal European Championships relay team is " converted" to a Sto L philosophy (in my book, both concurrent)
You can use tempo 300 in both setups.

I guess athletes such as, Powell, Gay, Bolt, and Rodgers aren’t fast enough to count towards L2S. BTW, most coaches who use L2S do a poor job setting up the overall program - poor lifting, god loads of intensive tempo, and usually no short speed work.

Here we go again with defining things: according to Charlie, Bolt and Powell are StL…according to me concurrent, according to you LtoS:)

I don’t understand what’s the big deal, if someone does short speed work from day 1 - why is it S2L?

What would you say the problem is with their pure S2L programs?

Warm up
2x20m accels

Man, that last 250 is always brutal. Went 29.9, 29.7 then 31s. I dont think I hit the first one hard enough and then push a little harder with less in the tank on the second. Understandable given I’ve got to get through all three. At max I’d say I could run a 29.4-5. My goal is to hit 28.9s before I chop the distance down to 230m.

3x10 squats @ 245
4x12 weighted hip thrust @ 135
3x10 Bench

I’m curious to hear this answer as well.